Lindsey Stirling stops by Connecticut for her Warmer In The Winter Tour

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With music primarily being overtaken by the sound or guitars, pianos, drums and digital music equipment, there stands one artist that has reached unimaginable heights by showcasing her skills with... a violin? 

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Lindsey Stirling has completely “Changed The Music Game” and defied the odds with stellar performances off her self-described “hip-hop violin” sound and insane choreography. Beginning her career on America’s Got Talent, reaching the quarterfinals before being eliminated, Stirling has remained true to her passion of violin and dance. With a huge variety of fans around the world, she has racked up roughly 10 million views on YouTube and millions more followers on her social media accounts.

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We caught Lindsey Stirling in Connecticut for her "Warmer In The Winter" tour stop. Just in time for the holidays, Lindsey released her latest body of work, Warmer In The Winter; a compilation of classic Christmas songs covered and recreated with the touch of the violin.

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Flashing lights followed Stirling around as she elegantly pranced around the stage, with christmas themed decorations filling the entire theatre with an infectious holiday spirit as her violin played under falling snow. It was an incredible performance by an equally incredible artist. 

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Lindsey Stirling has brought a new twist to the music scene. She has gained more and more fans everyday and has covered genres for everybody to enjoy. Warmer In The Winter is out now on all streaming services and is also available for purchase. Will you be going to a show near you? Tickets are available on Ticketmaster now.

Article & Images by Miguel Crespo