Motionless In Whites's Graveyard Shift Tour stops by The Rickshaw Theatre


By Aishath Nasir Boskma

Thursday night at the Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver looked and felt more like the weekend as an adrenaline-charged crowd began filling the venue shortly after doors opened. Fans had been waiting for this show for months and needed little in the way of a warmup, but nobody gave Like Moths To A Flame the memo. The band turned out a riveting performance to start off the four-act evening. 


Ice Nine Kills followed, practically tearing the roof off with a set that had fans going wild from start to finish, clamouring to reach the stage. You’d have imagined they were the headliners from the reception they received. With acrobatic leaps from elevated platforms and arms outstretched to an eager crowd, their return to Vancouver was nothing less than triumphant.


Every Time I Die are no strangers to the Rickshaw, delivering performances that have been talked about for weeks on end. Living up to their reputation, the energy never abated as both band and audience revelled in the moment. Members of the audience were lifted by the crowd towards the stage, others reeled in the frenzy of the pit. Some musicians put on a show, Every Time I Die consumes you in theirs!


Tying up the night with slick, gritty ease, headliners Motionless in White are the kind of steely polished band that have found their style, their sound, and in turn their utterly dedicated following. Entering to deafening applause under cover of darkness and the dim glow of eerie graveyard decor, the band launched first into fan favourites 'Rats', 'Reincarnate' and 'Necessary Evil'. Motionless in White understand that when you put on a show, every aspect matters – the music, the visuals, even the theatricality are all a part of the experience. And they delivered in spades. 

All in all, it was another great night of music at the Rickshaw.