Neck Deep deliver pop-punk badassery during their Atlanta show!


Goodness gracious, Neck Deep! Boisterous, energetic, with a heavy dose of terrific tunes describes the band’s recipe for a wonderful performance. Atlanta’s Center Stage was the setting, fans in a constant state of frenzy, the Neck Deep dudes delivering hit after hit. End result was utter pop-punk badassery and onlookers leaving with hoarse throats and wide smiles.


Promoting their latest LP, The Peace and The Panic, Ben Barlow and co. were nothing short of spectacular during their Hotlanta stop. Sold out venue? Of course! Playing their collection of anthems before a sea of moshing and crowd-surfing fans was quite the sight, but it was the antics of these Wrexham chums that really elevated the night into something unforgettable. From inviting two youngsters on stage for a better view, to playfully roasting fans attempting to hand over their phones for close-up shots, to broaching the topic of music providing an escape for mental illness and grief, Barlow and his mates are more than just a band, they’re also role models.


Yes, the jams were grand! Yes, the band was dope! Yes, the fans were lit! So, don’t be a fool and catch these leaders of new school pop-punk during the tour at a venue near you. Just be warned, prepare yourself for a real throw down.

Article and Images by: Andres Alvarado