Oh Honey Live Review

Once again I am at Webster Hall but this time instead of walking up the stairs under its historic marque I am taking a sharp right turn to head down and easily missed stairway that leads to the “Studio” a small windowless room with low ceilings barely fitting 400 people. The bar is offset to the right of the stage and quickly gets packed with those looking for a drink before the show starts. This room is a stark difference from the Grand Ballroom a couple flights up. Yet even with all its grandeur and marvel, I tend to prefer the Studio over the Grand Ballroom.  This room is intimate; the performers are able to connect with the audience in ways not possible in the large room. I am here tonight to see Oh Honey and I have met some good friends and fellow concert goers for an evening that is bound to be chill and relaxing.  I have come to this show as a fan first and a photographer 2nd………Maybe 3rd actually.  

I have seen Oh Honey a number of times over the years and they were actually one of the bands I first ever photographed.  Oh Honey is a duo that is just hard not to like and tonight they are playing their home city of New York….well close enough to their home city. They formed in 2013 in Brooklyn, NY when Mitch Collins was looking for a female vocalist and was introduced to Danielle Bouchard. They quickly started writing and performing together and you would be hard pressed to convince the unknowing that they have only been working together for 3 years. Their stage chemistry is flawless, the energy the bring enlightening, their vocals powerful but not to the point you feel preached to. These two just love performing and they are great at it. 

They take the stage and immediately address the crowd and let us know how grateful they are we came out to share the evening with them. The energy comes quickly as they fill the room with the sounds of a Folk and Indie rock mix that is just hard not to enjoy (if you are into that type of music, which if you haven’t figured out my now. I am). The set list is a guide for them to help you enjoy your evening. Stopping only long enough between songs to set up the next song or tell a story that draws you in and makes you feel even more connected and in the moment. They are loving their time on the stage and that energy fills the room. They have dedicated fans crowding the front of the stage singing every word to every song, buying them drinks and joining in the banter.  With each song, you can feel the stresses of life leave you and you become relaxed and settled in for a set list of enjoyment.

Never have I been disappointed with their sets. This show was not an exception to that trend. They finish off the night on the highest of energy and as they leave the stage the room barely empties. It is not just friends and family that are still hanging around. It is fans patiently waiting to meet them. I’m standing in the middle of the room waiting to talk to Mitch when a fan walks up and asks for a picture. This particular fan is visibly nervous, shaking and clearly emotional. He is meeting a person that has a profound effect on his life and true to the stage persona of this passionate lead singer, Mitch takes the time to take pictures and talk with this fan. Nearing the end of the conversation I overhear the fan say "Your music saved my life last year and helped me through some very tough times" Mitch clearly, gratefully and honored to hear this graciously states he happy to have helped and wishes the fan a pleasant night and thanks him for coming out.  This interaction solidifies for me why people have such a connection with the band. They are not only great performers but also just great people who give a shit. 

Article by Nubbs