Powers Are Now in My Top 10 List Of Favourite Live Bands

Powers Captured Live In Concert

Powers Captured Live In Concert

I am going, to be honest here, Before this particular night I had never heard of Powers and they were never on my radar at all. The only reason I was even at this show is because my wife has control of our Jukley.com account and signed us up.  “I think you will really like them,"  She said; so as I have done so many other times, I followed her lead and ended up in a small venue waiting to hear a band I had no clue about. I hadn’t even taken the time to listen to them before heading to the show. Pretty unusual for me as I try to listen and watch some videos before going to photograph a show. I do this so I can try to get a feel for what the band is like on stage.

Powers Captured Live

Powers is made up of two bad-ass songwriters and producers who have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. They have now joined to form a formidable act that rivals most all the acts I have seen in the last 12 months.  I read an interview recently in prepping for writing this where they listed “Bittersweet Symphony” and “Hallelujah” as songs they wish they had written calling them both among the most well written and most beautiful songs they have ever heard. This stood out to me because these are by all most all measures two of the most powerful songs ever written and to here an alternative electro-pop group list them as some of their favourites tell me they are in this for more than just fame and stardom. They truly love music and are driven to write and produce songs that will connect with their fans for years to come.

This particular evening, Mike Del Rio and Crista Ru took the stage in Mikes hometown of New York. There is a certain energy each artist brings every time they step on stage. That energy is doubled when they are performing for their hometown fans!; it's as if they feel they owe the audience a special performance because without these fans they would never be where they are now. Powers brought the energy in ways I was never expecting. The two of them are in lock step, moving together and feeding off each other's energy throughout the show. They perform as if they have been working together for decades, with an onstage chemistry rarely seen in most seasoned groups, let alone in a group this new. I missed the chance for more photos that night because I was too busy dancing and having a great time rather than concentrating on what I was supposed to be doing. 

Throughout the night they connected with the audience, interacting at just the right times and helping the audience to feel like a part of the overall performance. In turn, they thanked them for raising the energy in the room to levels I'm sure they have not experienced in quite some time. The whole room was electrified with the the type of musical passion that can only come from performers who are in love with what they do!!

Powers has moved from not even being on my list to being right at the top. I will never miss a show when they come to town!

Yea I know what you are thinking: "So what, it's at the top of your list and why should that matter to me!? Well, it shouldn't I guess but for instance, I saw over 100 bands last year and have probably seen around 50 bands already this year. I don’t expect you to take my word for it but I hope you do because you will be missing out on awesome music and great live performers if you don’t experience Powers for yourself!!

Article & Images by Nubbs