Robert Glasper Experiment Live Review

Robert Glasper Experiment Live At KOKO, Camden

Robert Glasper Experiment Live At KOKO, Camden

As part of the EFG London Jazz festival, the Robert Glasper Experiment graced the stage to a completely sold out crowd at KOKO in Camden. Wasting no time, he launched straight into his first song bringing along most of the usual suspects and a few new faces, namely Brunis Travis II on bass and Mike Severson on Guitar.

Robert was his usual hilarious self throughout the concert, his first line being ‘What the fuck is up London’. Through stories of how he met his band members and hilarious references to himself as being ‘Fucking Dope’, he put his money where his mouth was and gave us great music full of soul and vibe!

The Experiment played through various songs from their catalogue, moving through songs such as ‘Calls‘, ‘Let it ride’ and ‘Somebody Else’ as well as tracks from their most recent album such as ‘You and Me’ which he mentioned was for The Ladies, and ‘Tell me a bedtime story’

The experiment once again proved that they are absolute masters of syncopation, with Robert Glasper leading the way in this concert to slow and speed up rhythms like a brutal musical gym session to see if Mark Colenburg could keep up. Burnis Travis effortlessly kept the main strand of rythmn in check, with the powerful Fender bass maintaining the only logical reminder that this is a signature 4/4 pattern the regular listener can easily understand, only for them to slip back to normality after 3 minutes of luscious time feel, making it seem like it never happened.

Mentioning that he decided to bring somebody on stage who he met outside and asked for a chance to get his shot at fame, this stranger turned out to be Omar, perhaps most known for his timeless classic ‘There’s Nothing Like This’. Following this surprise guest entrance which is so typical of Robert Glasper shows, the show moved on when they decided to give a nod to the great bass heavy vibes of The Internet’s ‘Girl’.  

Part of the glory of seeing the Robert Glasper Experiment live is their ability to seamlessly mesh various genre’s of music together and deliver a consistent high standard; one of the very few bands that can slip a Sting reference into a concert whilst switching to Sade’s ‘Sweetest Taboo’ in the next 8 bar.

The show ended with the Exepriment playing Pharcyde’s classic ‘Cant keep running away’ and the promise of a great after party in Shoreditch. Needless to say, the next time the experiment are in your town, be sure to see them for a great show and wild rollercoaster ride of musical twists and turns.