R ü f ü s ‘The Full Bloom’ Regional Australian Tour

Rüfüs sounds captured live in concert!!

Rüfüs sounds captured live in concert!!

Australia’s alternative, electronic dance group, Rüfüs has begun a 2 month long Australian regional tour called ‘The Full Bloom’, named after their much Acclaimed album Bloom. The tour celebrates the first anniversary of the albums’ release and since then, Rufus has been touring pretty much non-stop, mostly in Australia and North America. They have played at coveted festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, Outsidelands and Red Rocks in Colorado as well as major cities around Australia. Now they are taking their highly visual show to regional centres around Australia, to fans that may not normally have the chance to see them perform.

Rufus Live 3

In November 2016 I had the honour of interviewing drummer, James Hunt during Rufus’ US tour. He explained that the Australian regional tour would include some ‘nice little surprises’ for fans, ‘keeping it nice and fresh’. This is how they keep reinventing themselves, making sure their shows are always full of genuine enthusiasm for their own, much performed, music. Another way they keep their shows fresh is ‘to mix up the set list a bit and writing a new intro’. They don’t like getting too comfortable with their performances as this leads to a loss of energy.

‘It’s fun to be on your toes a bit’ said James. ‘You’re a bit more naked’. Last year in April I caught Rufus in Adelaide and was blown away by their spectacular light show. Not only do they emulate their studio sound perfectly, live, but visually their shows are something really special. Their sold-out show in Geelong was no exception. Again the visual light spectacle really complimented their now, very well known songs from Bloom. At times the lights danced and blasted in time with the music. At one stage strong laser-like jets of light seem to fire like rapid machine guns in time with music.

The introduction at the Geelong show started with a conglomeration of electronic sounds, which kept everyone guessing which song they were starting. Smoke and dim lighting filled the stage adding to the mystery. Over a minute later, ‘Be With You’ became recognizable and the crowd erupted in screams of delight. As well as playing the popular songs from Bloom, they also played some of their original singles, which proved to be real crowd pleasers. But one of the most favoured songs performed was their 9 minute ‘Innerbloom’, a real space odyssey that seems to take you on a trip to a distant galaxy.

It is over nine months since I last saw Rüfüs perform live. I noted a much more confident stage presence this time, a lot more energy and a real ownership of their music. For example, James really threw himself into drumming, often standing and creating quite a spectacle with lots of energy. Lead singer, Tyrone strutted the stage confidently, using the lower stage area to get closer to fans and interact with them directly. Jon seemed to dance behind his keys and the smiles on their faces indicated real pleasure in their performance and crowd reaction. It was this animation that gave their most recent performance an extra vitality.

f you are able to catch one of their up-coming regional Australian shows, they are still to play in Margaret River, WA , Rottnest Is, WA (sold out) Canberra, ACT, Central Coast – Mountain Sounds Festivalm Port Macquarie, Q, Cairns, Q (3 shows – all sold out) Townsville, Q , Airlie Beach, Q

Band Members: Tyrone Lindqvist- vocalist/guitarist/synth player James Hunt – drums Jon George - keyboardist/guitarist Web page - http://rufussounds.com/

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