Running Touch is the enigmatic phantom of Australia’s Electronica scene

 Rocket Bar & Rooftop, 5th May 2017

RUNNING TOUCH is an electronica artist/producer from Melbourne, Australia who is quickly gathering a large following, not only for his avant-garde performances, which include an element of dance, but also for the mystique behind the man. Running Touch wishes his true identity to remain anonymous. He paints his eyes with dark paint, a little like a masquerade mask to help disguise his appearance. His performances are dimly lit with strobe flashes of light aimed at the audience. Even his stage set up was achieved by torchlight aimed at the floor. My photo pass information included instructions that ‘no images could clearly show his identity’, and my photos had to be approved before use.

Running Touch 2

I first discovered Running Touch when he was support act for SAFIA last year. Since then he has worked on developing a unique, artistic style based on mystery and clever performance production. On Friday night, an enthusiastic audience seemed to appear out of nowhere, moments before he appeared on stage. His set at the Rocket Bar involved leaping between synth, electronic drums, guitar, vocals and the programming of pre-recorded loops, to create a sound more like a full band instead of a one-man show. This movement was very dance-like and theatrical, adding to the feel of the music.


He has just released his debut EP ‘A Body Slow’, which he showcased. One of my favourite tracks, ‘Courtesy Of’, began with strong piano chords before progressing into a vocal sound track with backing vocal loops that formed the chorus. He used his voice to create musical sounds, adding to the complexity of the track. ‘Lovely’ was pre-released and was based on stories fed from three friends. You can really hear the passion in his voice in this track. The use of echo added depth to his voice in ‘You’re Saving That For Me’, the fourth song on the EP. Final track, ‘Aubrey’ had a real disco feel that made you want to dance. There are a total of six tracks on the EP.

Having already completed most of this current tour, Running Touch has three more shows to offer, so catch him if you can. He delivers a mesmerizing show.

MAY12 - Impala · Auckland, New Zealand

MAY19 - Elsewhere · Surfers Paradise, QLD

MAY20 - The Foundry Brisbane · Brisbane, QLD



Article & Images by Deb Kloden