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Creed Bratton Captured Live At Th

Creed Bratton Captured Live At Th

Creed Bratton's creative mind, fascinating personality and comedic genius shine through in his live performances. At age 73, he can engage a crowd mostly a half century younger with tall tales, folk songs, and impromptu melodies. For all purposes, Creed may as well be on a couch entertaining friends over drinks than on a stage for people who paid to be there.

As a teen, William Charles Schneider, hitched to New Orleans and snuck onto a cargo ship with only $25 and a dream to his name. With passing time he would change his identity to Creed Bratton, a name more becoming of a rock star. In 1967, Bratton and his bandmates in The Grassroots would garner fame when cracking the American Top 10 with their hit single "Let's Live for Today", which Bratton performs during his 75 minute show.

Nowadays known for his portrayal as the head of quality assurance on the hit TV sitcom "The Office", fans of the Emmy Award winning show fell in love with the quirky criminal grandpa Creed Bratton, who plays himself because he was not an original character in the script. He wrote his first scene himself and presented it to the producers, who loved it so much that the character became a recurring role.

Among the stories shared by Bratton on stage, he recalls holding back tears and an overwhelming sense of joy upon learning that the series finale of "The Office" closes with a performance of Creed's single "All the Faces".

Creed Bratton remains a humble man true to his grass roots, and sticks around afer the show way past your average septuagenarian’s bed time to meet and greet his fans. It’s not every day you meet someone with such a captivating story, and Creed Bratton did not disappoint.

Words & Images ©Andres Alvarado