Taking Back Sunday Show That After 15 Years They Can Still Rock!

In less than a year since releasing their latest album Tidal Wave, Taking Back Sunday has been on two whirlwind tours promoting their 7th studio album. It’s hard to believe they’ve been making music for 15 years and counting. Whilst their sound has grown with them, they still deliver with catchy choruses and emotion fueled sing-alongs. On Wednesday, Taking Back Sunday crashed into Atlanta’s Masquerade venue, in true fashion of the album’s namesake, like a tidal wave.


Opening the evening was Modern Chemistry and Every Time I Die; the latter of which represented an odd pairing which Every Time I Die’s front man Keith Buckley compares to getting a "little-unexpected extra with your meal when eating out" and stating “It’s not what I wanted, but it’s fucking awesome!”

The heavy metal quintet is well known for their intense live performances and with a non-stop mosh pit raging throughout their complete set, tonight was no different. It’s amazing that after such a performance the fans would still have enough energy in them for the headliner to come, but fittingly, as per Buckley’s apt comparison earlier, they managed to be the cherry on top of a mind-blowing night.

Opening with the titular single “Tidal Wave”, Taking Back Sunday bursts onto the stage along with the blasts from side stage confetti cannons to rile up the crowd. Fans are then treated to a few oldies like “You Know How I Do” and “Error: Operator,” before returning to another single from this past year: “You Can’t Look Back”. The band continues in this manner, playing a healthy mix of old favorites and new tunes, all of which is soaked in by adoring fans.  

Adam Lazzara and the boys show that even after 15 years they haven’t lost any spunk along the way, with their energetic onstage presence only serving to keep those in attendance revved up throughout the night. Fans finally catch a break from belting their hearts out and jumping to the beat when Taking Back Sunday treats them to their acoustic rendition of “She” by Green Day.

The band were recently approached by Spotify to cover the iconic pop-punk band as part of an upcoming documentary on Green Day’s beginnings; seeing as Taking Back Sunday along with several other bands are now considered staples of the genre that Green Day had such a pivotal role in shaping.

Taking Back Sunday makes use of the acoustic set once more by playing the tear jerker “Everything Must Go”, a tale of young love and its pitfalls. Adam then takes the time to mention his love for Atlanta and the good times it always brings for the band, and he jokingly refers to the moment later in the set when the band will pretend to finish amid moans from the audience, only to return after some reverie and chanting promising an encore. The band then “finishes” out the set strong with tracks that nearly all TBS fans agree are some of their archetypal work, only to then truly complete the ritual which Adam promised earlier.

After enough charades, the band returns for a 2-song encore closing with notable single “Make Damn Sure,” and surprising all in attendance by once again blasting off in a confetti-filled exit to uproarious applause and cheers. This summer do not miss your chance to ride the “tidal wave” these bands bring to town, surf’s up!

Article & Images by Andres Alvarado