The ACTORS perform at Vancouver's iconic Rickshaw Theatre


By Aishath Nasir Boskma

The ACTORS album and video release party at Vancouver's iconic Rickshaw Theatre on March 10th was every bit the occasion one could have hoped for. Opening act The Gathering delivered a slick performance to begin the evening's post punk celebration, but due to unfortunate technical difficulties leading to a late start, second act Brutes were only able to play a couple of songs. Despite this setback the audience relished every minute of their set, with frontwoman Lindsay Dakin cutting an iconic figure onstage. One can only hope to hear more of this enigmatic local band in the near future.


ACTORS are Vancouver celebrities in their own right, drawing in a dedicated mix of fans and friends to every live performance. Prior to the band taking the stage, the video for “Face Meets Glass” by the talented Kira Clavell was screened. A dark limo ride into madness!! ; the video is stylish yet edgy - a perfect match for the band's own music . When ACTORS came on they were true to form; the tunes were slick, the banter was plentiful, and black was the unspoken dress code both onstage and off. Fan favourites were introduced with complete seriousness: “We've never played this one before.”


Frontman Jason Corbett is a natural live performer and it seems there's no place the band members would rather be than in the spotlight sharing their music. “It Will Come To You” is an inspired and polished record that is sure to sate any fan of the new wave genre.  


Do yourself a favour and catch them live the next time they pass through your city, you will not be disappointed. Have you seen this band live before? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!