The Struts Live

The Orange Peel was named one of the top five venues in 2009 by Rolling Stone magazine, so it's reputation speaks for itself. The high ceilings, intimate space and ample bar room featuring a name sake craft beer from the next door brewery set the stage for a memorable night with The Struts.

Hailing far from the West Coast, opening act Goodbye June have emerged from the dirty south and released their first EP as a signed artist, Danger in the Morning. Goodbye June are a family affair, not family-friendly mind you, but the band is formed by three first cousins whose close ties allow them to truly cut loose and simply have a good time on stage. Lead singer Landon's vocals are truly unique, fusing southern twang with rock and roll intensity. 

Having sampled sounds from coast to coast of the USA, it was now time for the fans in attendance to see the wunderkind from across the pond, The Struts. Though their album released in the UK in 2014, the band relocated to LA in 2015 and they have gained their largest fan base in the US. This isn't pure speculation, Luke Spiller himself thanks the fans personally for their love and support and exclaims that when they go back home it's not just as "a rock band from Britain", and seems proud to have been accepted by the American rock community. Much has been said of Luke Spiller's ability to command and mesmerize a crowd, and this show was no exception. Guitarist Adam Slack, bassist Jed Elliott, and drummer Gethin Davies form the rest of the band, and while they may not  demand the attention of Spiller's grandiose performance each of their respective talents still shines through.

 The boys from Derbyshire, England go above and beyond to please their crowd, be it via wicked performances to hit tracks like Kiss This, Roll Up and an acoustic finale of Where Did She Go to an announcement of a new LP in the works which produced a rousing ovation. A performance by the Struts is simply a show that must be seen to be believed, rock legends in the making. 

Article by Andres Alvarado