Twin Peaks at Capital Ale House in Richmond, Va

By Maggie Graff


This Tuesday night proved two things for me, one being that Twin Peaks have some of the best fans out there, and two, that they are a concert photographer’s dream. Everyone at Richmond’s Capital Ale House were either moshing, crowd surfing, or singing every single lyric to every song on the setlist. I’d seen Twin Peaks last summer in Charlottesville, but this show brought it up a few notches.


I found myself wedged in the front few rows on stage left, which provided a great angle to get lead singer Clay’s animated reactions and bassist Jack’s pensive looks. The most dynamic duo there were Clay and guitarist Cadien, with a close second being Clay and PBR, as seen below.


I will voluntarily go prematurely deaf to see these guys live because of how electrifying they are. I’m convinced there’s never a dull moment, even off stage. Their sets are intoxicating, in more ways than one. They embody dedication to the craft and to the fans, and are down to earth and just love what they do to the core, which is a magical element to photograph.


If you think rock and roll is dead, I beg you to go buy a ticket to see these guys and see for yourself.