Typhoon, Wild Ones and Amenta Abioto Leave Rickshaw Theatre Spellbound!


By Aishath Nasir Boskma

Music lovers braved a rare snowscape in Vancouver to attend the Typhoon show on Saturday night. Packed from an early hour, those who arrived shortly after doors were regaled with a genre-defying performance by the immensely talented Amenta Abioto. At once reggae, poetry, beatbox, electronic and tribal, the only consistent truth of her music was that it was spellbinding. Abioto is a master of her instruments, most notably her powerful and magnetic voice. Prowling and dancing through centre-stage, this charming and confident performer gave the crowd a first impression they are unlikely to forget.


The second act of the night set a completely different tone from the first. Transporting a willing audience into a world of 80's flavoured synth pop, Wild Ones brought a wistful dreamlike quality to the evening. The band have a rare ability to evoke nostalgia while sounding entirely fresh and new. As they burst into a Cranberries cover to round off their set, even those in line at the bar started abandoning their spots to head back out to the floor.


By the time Typhoon hit the stage the venue didn't have an empty seat or spot left to stand in. Packed on both levels, the Rickshaw audience enthusiastically welcomed the Portland indie rock band as they concluded their six week album release tour for “Offerings”. Onstage, Typhoon are masters of their craft, with a pent up energy that didn't take long to reveal itself in all it's foot-stamping glory. Songs both old and new were welcomed with equal enthusiasm as those both on and off stage revelled in the musical whirlwind.