X Ambassadors, Allan Rayman & Mister Wives at Red Rocks

X Ambassadors-MTPhoto07.jpg

By Mark Tepsic

The Colorado weather is often very unpredictable, especially in early Spring.  The morning of May 3rd at Red Rocks saw a snow/rain mix, and looked like it would be a pretty miserable day.  Something easy to predict, however, is how fantastic an X Ambassadors / MisterWives show will be, and once the weather calmed down and the show began, these two bands did not disappoint. 

The afternoon kicked off with up-and-coming artist Allan Rayman who supported the top acts and he did a great job of warming up the crowd and setting the tone for the evening. 

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MisterWives then took the evening to a whole new level!  This is the third time I’ve seen them perform and the second time I have photographed them.  They always bring all the great elements of a good show: fantastic songs, cool lighting, and a dynamic performance.  Lead singer Mandy Lee knows how to command a stage and get a crowd going.  The first three songs of the night were Machine, Coloring Outside The Lines, and Drummer Boy.  It really felt like the Red Rocks crowd did not want their set to end as early as it did. 


Although I have photographed X Ambassadors at Red Rocks in the past, this was the first time they were headlining.  You could sense a different energy in their performance from previous shows, and they seemed genuinely excited (as most artists are) to headline this world famous venue.  

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They didn’t waste any time getting the packed crowed engaged and singing along, as they started the set with Ahead Of Myself, Jungle, and Loveless.   The signature saxophone and bass guitar performances by lead singer Sam Smith are always an early highlight of their show.  All in all, the was a fantastic evening at Red Rocks!