Young Rising Sons Live

Young Rising Sons Captured Live At Webster Hall

Young Rising Sons Captured Live At Webster Hall

If you have been following along with any of my writings, you are no doubt starting to see a trend with the venues I tend to frequent. I like them small, intimate and full of energy. As a music lover these types of venues are awesome and as a music photographer they challenge you greatly!

Tonight I am back at "The Studio at Webster Hall" to see Young Rising Sons.  I was first introduced to this band a few years ago when they opened for The 1975.  On that night I was there to photograph The 1975 and was amazed at the energy this band exuded with their performance. They brought to the stage a love for music that, to me, was reminiscent of American Authors.  You would have never guessed they were an opening act the way they commanded the stage.

Fast forward a few years and here they are headlining their own tour!!  They formed in 2010 when childhood friends Julian, Steve and Dylan, all of who grew up in Red Bank, NJ playing music together, decided to form a band.  The band became complete when they came across a potential lead singer while he was performing an acoustic set in a New York City bar. They approached him and the rest, as they say, is history.

The 4 of them spent a few years writing and performing songs together. In 2013 they released their debut single “High” and signed a deal with Dirty Canvas. The band have mentioned that they are heavily influenced by bands such as 'Train' and 'Kings of Leon' and throughout their music, particularly in their song "High" you can hear these influences. Strong and powerful lead vocals take center stage with the upbeat 'Train' style rhythm throughout their music which draws you in and makes you sing along. 

Tonight they took the stage with immense enthusiasm and carried this throughout the set. The venue was completely packed, with everyone singing along. For a young band, their stage presence is amazing and they controlled the room with ease with their performance tight and in sync from the first note. When performing, it truly seems as if they are just having fun and enjoying themselves and you get the feeling they bring the same energy no matter what size venue they are playing or how many people they are performing for. Keep an eye out and if you like bands such as American Authors you will certainly want to catch these guys in concert.

Have you seen Young Rising Sons in concert before? What did you think? Have a listen to some of their music and leave a comment with your thoughts below!

Article by Nubbs